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I am Captain Joe Musike, I have been sailing all of my life.  My father built his first  boat, a little skiff with an outboard motor.  He eventually became interested in sailing and purchased a GP14.  He and friends would sail much of the upper Chesapeake Bay in that little boat.  One of the infamous stories is negotiating to pay only half the ramp launching fee at Sandy Point State Park and heading north to Elkneck State Park.  Quite an ambitious undertaking for three guys in a 14 foot sailboat.  By the time I came along our family had a Meridian 25 docked in Havre de Grace, MD.  By the time I turned seven my parents had upgraded to a Sabre 28 named "Poinciana" after the song, and I would sail on that boat for the next 22 years before losing my dad to cancer. 

Over those years I got to share time on the water with him in various boats of my own.  The first boat I purchased after college was a hobie cat 16.  She had been neglected and together we got her back on the water, what a fun fantastic boat!  Soon I moved up to my first "real" boat.  A Precision 23.  My wife and I would keep "Sea Tiger" for 3 years on the upper Chesapeake Bay.  We had the itch and needed to move up.  But for now, we were semi-sailboatless, I could always use the "Poinciana".

The next couple of years would prove to be a turning point, a shareholder dispute threatened the company I had devoted my life building, the tragedy of 911, and my father lost his fight with cancer.  By 2003 the economy was on the rebound and I had my eyes set on the next boat, a Sabre 38 mkII was in my future.  It took a while to find just the right one, but we did in Stamford, CT.  As fate would have it I had just inked a deal with a major biotech company in Rhode Island and would sail "Voila" in Narragansett Bay, the Elizabeth Isands, and Cape Cod for the next 3 summers.  She would serve as my home during the week while on the job site.  And, as they say, the rest is history...........

Now, with my wife and two sons, we sail the east coast.  Based in Worton Creek on the upper Chesapeake Bay we have traveled from Gloucester, Massachusetts to Key West, Florida.  I run charters in the upper Chesapeake Bay May-October and in Cocoa Beach, Florida from November-April.  While I do not race my boat I do enjoy crewing with others, most recently competing in the Annapolis NOODs, North American Championship, and Governor's Cup on a J109.  I also do some lightning racing whenever I can.

email captainjoe@experiencesail.com or jmusike@verizon.net


United States Coast Guard License for the Operation of and Uninspected Passenger Vessel Near Coastal Water (100 nautical miles offshore)  2003

United States Coast Guard Auxilary, non active

Completed Sea School course for Operation of and Uninspected Passenger Vessel, 2002

TWIC, Transportation Workers Identification Credential

Completed Maryland State Safe Boaters course, classroom instruction.

Completed Delaware State Safe Boaters course, online.

Certified Open Water Diver, PADI 1998

First Aid, AED, and CPR for Adult, Child, and Infant